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Tell us a little about you, and register to become the newest member of our team. If approved, you can begin training immediately and receive paid gigs once completed (1-2 hr investment required).

Can we text you at this number?
How soon are you available to start taking paid gigs?
Have you ever worked in solar?
What solar job have you done?
Do you have access to a reliable smartphone?
Phone type
Are you comfortable getting into an attic, or onto a roof, when required?
Do you speak spanish?
Your professional experience (select all that apply)

NOTE: When weather permits, agents are required to walk each roof and take horizon photos from the highest point on each roof. For 2-story homes, this will require one of the following (drones can be used in some instances, but they are not an approved replacement for the required ladders):

  1. A 2-story ladder

  2. Two, 12' ladders (to perform a ladder "double pull")

Do you currently own a two-story ladder, or two 12' ladders? (required to continue)
Which do you currently own?
If approved, are you willing to do the required 1-hour video training and a trial test project (requires access to a house)?
If approved, how fast are you able to watch the training videos and do the test project (1-2 hrs. total)
If approved, are you willing to undergo a background check?

If the"submit" button doesn't work, you may not have the right equipment, or openings in your area may already by filled.

We have immediate openings around the country and ask that only serious applicants register

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